Between La Sagrera and Clot

The Navas neighbourhood is the most recent to become part of the District of Sant Andreu and covers an area that was once part of Clot and La Sagrera on both sides of La Meridiana.

Running up from Carrer Mallorca to Carrer d'Olesa, the neighbourhood comprises an area between Carrer Felip II and Navas de Tolosa, which is the main street and from the neighbourhood gets its name.

The main square is Plaça Ferran Reyes where you will find the strikingly modern parish church of Sant Joan Bosco.

The neighbourhood includes a part that follows Ildefons Cerdà's Eixample grid and another known as the Cases del Gobernador.

This barri was built in 1944 by the Obra Sindical del Hogar on lands belonging to an old brickyard and opened by the Francoist Governor Correa Veglison, hence the name.

Below La Meridiana, the now partly pedestrianised Carrer Bofarull was once one of the main thoroughfares of La Sagrera.


The modernisation of La Meridiana and of Plaça d'Islandia have helped improve the neighbourhood and give it its own sense of identity.

The Associació de Veïns or Residents Association has also been key in differentating the neighbourhood from neighbouring La Sagrera.

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