New Catalan Generalitat Government Takes Office Under Puigdemont

Junts pel Sí Ministers Take Office - Jan 14th 2016

Following Carles Puigdemont's acceptance ceremony as president on Tuesday, the new Catalan Generalitat government was sworn in on Thursday November 14th.

The new government of the Generalitat of Catalonia will be divided into three main areas: the Area of Economy and the Treasury, the Area of Foreign Affairs under Oriol Junqueras, Institutional Relations and Transparency under Raül Romeva and the Area of Welfare under Neus Munté.

When Junts pel Sí was formed to fight last September's elections, Convergència Democràtica de Catalunya and Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya agreed that there would be a roughly 60-40% split of ministries between the two parties.

It is interesting to note that whilst Convergència have proposed party members, Esquerra have put forward a large number of independents.

Economy and the Treasury

Economy and the Treasury will be headed by Esquerra Republicana leader Oriol Junqueras, who is also vice president.

Under him there are Jordi Baiget at Business and Knowledge and Josep Rull at Territory and Sustainability. Both are members of Convergència and very close to Artur Mas, who gave his seat as an MP yesterday and so will be leading the party, and the independence process, in the shadows.

There are also two independents on Junqueras' team. Dolors Bassa will be Minister of Welfare, Work and Family and Meritxell Serret will be Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, Fishing and Food.

Foreign Affairs, Institutional Relations and Transparency

Foreign Affairs, Institutional Relations and Transparency be headed by independent left-winger Raül Romeva, who also headed the Junts pel Sí electoral list in September and is a former MEP for Iniciativa per Catalunya.

He will be accompanied by two Convergència heavyweights. Meritell Borràs will be Minister of Governance, Public Administration and Housing and Jordi Jané will be Minister of the Interior, a role he occupied under Artur Mas.

Esquerra Republicana will be represented by Carles Mundó at the Ministry of Justice.


Welfare will be headed by Neus Munté, who is also Minister for the Presidency and the government spokesperson.

Under her are independent socialist Toni Comín at the Ministry of Health and Santi Vila and Meritxell Ruiz, both of who are proposed by Convergència, at the Ministries of Culture and Education respectively.

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