Catalonia Headlines for Sunday November 26th 2017

Messi Forever

The Vanguardia headline is Messi's contract with Barça until 2021 but the important news is Puigdemont proposal of a vote to see if Catalonia wants to stay in the EU and qualifies the Union as "a club of decadent countries".

La Vanguardia Headlines

The front page headlines in La Vanguardia read:

  • Messi Forever
  • The forward renews with Barça until 2021
  • The German crisis becomes a European problem
  • Merkel's failed negotiations to form a government threatens community action
  • Interview: Woody Allen "I just want to work and make peace with existence"
  • Puigdemont proposes voting to see if Catalonia wants to stay in the EU 
  • The sacked president qualifies the Union as "a club of decadent countries" 
  • The candidates of JxCat travels to Belgium for the presentation of the electoral list
  • History of a frustrated mediation
  • The Catalan government sounded out the European authorities

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