November 28th in Catalonia and the Catalan-speaking countries


This page lists historical and other events on November 28th in Catalonia and the Catalan-speaking countries as well as festivals and a list of births and deaths of well-known Catalans.


1705 - Barcelona: Archduke Carles of Austria swears the privileges of the Crown of Aragon and becomes king under the name of Carles III.
1715 - Mallorca and Ibiza: Felipe V of Castile abolishes the government and administration with one of the Decrees of the Nueva Planta.
1794 - Figueres: Dominique Catherine de Pérignon captures the city after the Battle of El Roure.
1976 - l'Espluga de Francolí, Conca de Barberà: The first congress of the Unió de Pagesos is held.
2010 - The first issue of the newspaper Ara is published.
2010 - Elections to the Parliament of Catalonia, which were won by CiU, who were the most voted party with 48 seats out of 135 and brought Artur Mas to the Presidency of the Generalitat of Catalonia.


1742 - Sabadell (Vallès Occidental): Francesc Joncar i Querol, Catalan priest, choir master and composer.

- València (l'Horta): Josep Aixa Íñigo, Valencian sculptor (died 1920).

- València (l'Horta): Josep Iturbi Bàguena, Valencian pianist, composer and conductor (died 1980).

- Riudoms (Baix Camp): Joan Guinjoan Gispert, Catalan contemporary music composer.

- Bétera (Camp de Túria): Vicent Partal i Montesinos, Valencian journalist.


1903 - Barcelona: Ignasi Ferrer i Carrió, Catalan writer and grammarian (born 1848).
1947 - València, l'Horta: Miquel Duran de València, Valencian writer and cultural activist (born 1883).
2000 - Berga, El Berguedà: Antoní Massaguer i Mas, Catalan pro-independence campaigner (born 1947).

Festivals and Commemorations

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