Catalonia Headlines for Wednesday November 29th 2017

Catalonia registers the biggest drop in business in October

Political instability and protests in Catalonia provoke a fall in sales of 3.9% as the OCDE warns that continuing tensions harm the Catalan economy and Fomento warns of delocation of production.

La Vanguardia Headlines

The front page headlines in La Vanguardia read:

  • Catalonia registers the biggest drop in business in October
  • The political instability and protests provoke a fall in sales of 3.9%
  • The OCDE warns that persistence of tensions harms the Catalan economy
  • Fomento warns of delocation of production 
  • The Supreme Court will call the ex-consellers now in order to decide whether they leave prison
  • The key is of they promise that if their actions will be within the current law
  • Sánchez urges Rajoy to ignore pressure and open the constitutional reform
  • The leader of PSOE shows his annoyance with the president for not keeping his promise
  • The judge orders the works of art in Lleida to be returned to Sijena
  • Méndez de Vigo's says the judicial order must be fulfilled, he doesn't set a timeframe
  • Xenophobic attack on a German councillor who defends refugees
  • The mayor of Altena is an example in integration policies

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