November 30th in Catalonia and the Catalan-speaking countries


This page lists historical and other events on November 30th in Catalonia and the Catalan-speaking countries as well as festivals and a list of births and deaths of well-known Catalans.


1920 - Barcelona: Francesc Layret, labour lawyer and leader of the Partit Republicà Català, is murdered as he leaves his home.

1932 - Barcelona: El Diccionari General de la Llengua Catalana, directed by Pompeu Fabra, is commissioned.

1977 - Reus, Baix Camp: Els Joglars open La Torna al Teatre Bartrina, which would be banned two days later.

2000 - París, France: UNESCO declares the city of Tarragona and the Palmeral d'Elx World Heritage sites.

2003 - Barcelona: The first issue of El Punt Barcelona is published.

2004 - Barcelona: The last X cinema in Barcelona at Carrer d'Aragó 197 (formerly cinema Roma) closes.


1872 - Barcelona: Isidre Nonell i Monturiol, Catalan painter and illustrator.
1928 - Castelló de la Plana, Plana Alta: Germà Colón i Domènech, Valencian linguist, specialising in Romanic philology and Catalan lexicology.
1903 - Sarroca de Bellera, Pallars Jussà: Ramon Violant i Simorra, Catalan ethnograph.
1940 - València, Horta de València: Francesc Jarque Bayo, Valencian photographer.


1920 - Barcelona: Francesc Layret i Foix, politician and labour lawyer, murdered by gunmen from the Sindicat Lliure.

1984 - Barcelona: Joan Vinyoli i Pladevall, Catalan poet.

2007 - Barcelona: Albert Dueso, Catalan theatre and film actor (55 years old)

Festivals and Commemorations

November 30th is the Saints' Day of Sant Andreuwhich despite the cold weather, is an excuse for Festa Majors around Catalonia and the Catalan-speaking countries.

Barcelona Province 

Around Catalonia 

  • Festa major de Sant Andreu a Serinyà (el Pla de l'Estany)
  • Festa major de Cornellà del Terri (el Pla de l'Estany) 
  • Festa major de Sant Andreu a Mata, Aj. Porqueres (el Pla de l'Estany)
  • Festa Major a Borrassà (l'Alt Empordà)
  • Festa Major d'Estanyol, Aj. Bescanó (el Gironès)
  • Festa major de La Selva del Camp (el Baix Camp)

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