Sunday October 1st 2017
Catalonia Headlines

Catalonia Faces the Challenge of the Referendum


After months of waiting, the big day has finally come and the referendum on Catalonia's independence from Spain is about to go ahead on Sunday October 1st 2017. Voters are planning to get to the polling stations early in the morning to make sure they didn't get shut down by the police.

La Vanguardia Headlines

The front page headlines in La Vanguardia read:

  • Catalonia faces the challenge of October 1st
  • Independentism gambles everything in a referendum prohibited by the Constitutional Court
  • Thousands of people come out onto the streets in various cities in favour of the unity of Spain
  • The Civil Guard intervenes in the technological centre where the votes are counted
  • Puigdemont looks into asking for international mediation

The photo caption reads "Hundreds of people occupied various schools since Friday to avoid the sealing off by police ordered by the judiciary, such as the Escola Joan Maragall in Sant Cugat, in the photo."

You can read more about what the unionist street demonstration the previous on my Two Months of Street Demonstrations in Catalonia: September to November 2017 page.

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