Catalonia Headlines for Tuesday October 10th 2017

Clamour to stop UDI


There was a general outcry to stop Carles Puigdemont from making a UDI not only from the Spanish Government and Unionists in Catalonia but also from the fence-sitting far left parties in Catalonia, who support a referendum but not independence, and even from more moderate sectors within the independence movement.

La Vanguardia Headlines

The front page headlines in La Vanguardia the following day read:

  • Clamour to stop UDI
  • Parties, employers' association and civil society exhort Puigdemont not to declare independence
  • Colau asks the president to avoid the unilateral way and S├ínchez will support Rajoy's decisions
  • Manoeuvres within sovereignism try to stop a decision that take us to the abyss
  • Major companies continue agreeing to moves of head office
  • Foment del Treball assure that hundreds of small and medium-sized companies are changing head office and investment is collapsing

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