Catalonia Headlines for Wednesday October 11th 2017

Puigdemont suspends independence after announcing it


In his long-awaited address to the Parliament of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont, announced that as a result of the democratic mandate gained in the referendum the Catalan people had a right to declare independence from Spain but just 8 seconds later said that he would be suspending the effect of the declaration in order to allow time for dialogue. At the end of the session, all the members of the pro-independence Junts pel Sí and the CUP signed a declaration document.

La Vanguardia Headlines

The front page headlines in La Vanguardia the following day read:

  • Puigdemont suspends independence after announcing it
  • The President tries to gain a few weeks time with an offer of dialogue
  • The CUP forces the JxSí deputies to sign a text that "constitutes" the Catalan Republic
  • Arrimadas sees a UDI, Iceta doesn't believe it, Albiol discounts it and the Comuns call to negotiate
  • Rajoy decides today in the Council of Ministers if he'll apply Article 155
  • The first measure is to require Puigdemont to clarify whether he has declared independence or not

The photo caption reads "Witnesses to the confusion: The President goes up to the chamber, where the chaotic plenary session would be held and which was followed by hundreds of media outlets."

You can read more about the street demonstrations that day on my Two Months of Street Demonstrations in Catalonia: September to November 2017 page.

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