Saturday October 21st 2017 Catalonia Headlines

155 will affect Economy, Mossos and Public Media


Rajoy and Sánchez agree that Article 155 will affect Economy Ministry, the Mossos and Public Media companies and the intervention will culminate with Catalan elections in January.

La Vanguardia Headlines

The front page headlines in La Vanguardia read:

  • 155 will affect Economy, Mossos and Public Media
  • Rajoy and Sánchez agree to culminate the intervention with Catalan elections
  • The president and the leader of PSOE finalised the measures last night
  • The banks consider that the effects of the boycott were minimal
  • Cementos Molins join the list of companies that move their head office
  • The public prosecutor will accuse Puigdemont of rebellion if there's a UDI
  • The lawsuit can be presented to the Supreme Court as an exception
  • The King confirms that Catalonia "is and will be an essential of Spain"
  • Felipe VI claims that the State will resolve "the unacceptable attempt at Catalan secession" using the Constitution and the institutions

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