Catalonia Headlines for Monday October 23rd 2017 

Two out of three companies that leave Catalonia go to Madrid


As the Catalan government plans its response to Article 155, La Vanguardia leads with companies leaving Catalonia for Madrid. The imposition of Article 155 causes divisions amongst the Catalan socialists of PSC and the Catalan crisis causes more problems for the EU as Northern Italy demands more competencies and resources.

La Vanguardia Headlines

The front page headlines in La Vanguardia read:

  • Two out of three companies that leave Catalonia go to Madrid
  • The connection with Barcelona and being close to power explain the decision
  • Some firms only transfer central services to the capital
  • The Catalan government concentrates on its answer to the application of Article 155
  • Puigdemont prepares judicial appeals against the measures and Turull counts out elections
  • Support for the intervention in the Generalitat causes cracks in PSC
  • The number of party leaders who reject supporting the PP's measures is growing
  • The north of Italy demands more power
  • The majority of citizens of Lombardy and Veneto vote in favour of negotiating more competencies and resources with Rome

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