Catalonia Headlines for Tuesday October 24th 2017 

Puigdemont wants to refute the application of 155 in the Senate


The main news is that Puigdemont is considering attending the Senate to argue Catalonia's case probably on Thursday when there is also a plenary session in the Parliament of Catalonia.

La Vanguardia Headlines

The front page headlines in La Vanguardia read:

  • Puigdemont wants to refute the application of 155 in the Senate
  • The Government warns that now only the High Chamber can adjust measures
  • The EU supports Rajoy's decision because it's in the Constitution
  • The Cercle d'Economía demands immediate elections
  • The institution warns of the situation of "discontrol, juridic uncertainty and uneasiness"
  • The Catalan government obliges civil servants to recover hours lost in the strike on October 3rd
  • UGT and CC.OO oppose this and allege that it was decided by the Administration
  • Zoido is looking for a replacement for Trapero to lead the Mossos
  • The Interior Minister wants a superintendent from the autonomous body to substitute the major
  • Argentina hands over a blank cheque to Macri
  • Perronism is once again the big loser in the partial legislative elections

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