Catalonia Headlines for Thursday October 26th 2017 

The radical sector pushes Puigdemont towards a UDI


Puigdemont decides not to attend the Senate in Madrid preferring to lead the parliamentary plenary session in Barcelona where it seems more likely a UDI will be declared today or tomorrow.

La Vanguardia Headlines

The front page headlines in La Vanguardia read:

  • The radical sector pushes Puigdemont towards a UDI
  • The President calls together the Catalan Government and the advisers of the "Chiefs of Staff" to decide how to respond
  • The Catalan Executive is divided and the political tension between PDECat and ERC increases
  • In the Bureau of Parliament cracks are also starting to appear before the vote on the UDI
  • Editorial: They are taking us towards the rocks
  • The unelected who influence the process more than deputies or ministers
  • Who makes up the Shadow 'Chiefs of Staff' and has imposed the hardline in the process
  • The Government considers the president's refusal to appear as a rejection of dialogue
  • Puigdemont decides not to go to the Senate to argue against the intervention by the State
  • 64% of young people mistrust politics
  • Fats Domino, goodbye to another rock and roll giant
  • The new hero of Spanish athletics arrested for doping 

The photo caption reads "The Home Straight: Both Mariano Rajoy and Carles Puigdemont face the home straight of the head on collision this week. Tomoroow the Senate will tackle Article 155 and the Parliament of Catalonia will deal with possible independence."

You can read more about what happened in Barcelona on my Two Months of Street Demonstrations in Catalonia: September to November 2017 page.

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