Catalonia Headlines for Friday October 6th 2017

CaixaBank and Sabadell Announce They are Leaving


CaixaBank and Banc Sabadell have announced that they will be moving there headquarters out of Catalonia to Palma de Mallorca and Alicante respectively. More rumours of a collapse in the tourist industry began spreading. Meanwhile, Mariano Rajoy said that dialogue would only begin if there was a return to legality and the Constitutional Court suspended the parliamentary session that was meant to cover the referendum results.

La Vanguardia Headlines

The front page headlines in La Vanguardia the following day read:

  • CaixaBank and Sabadell move their headquarters for fear of a UDI
  • The Barcelona bank chooses Palma and the VellĂ©s one Alicante
  • Shares of the two banks bounce back up to 6% after the announcement
  • The Spanish government makes the move easy with a new legal decree
  • Puigdemont and Junqueras avoid evaluating the departure of the banks
  • Hotel and apartment reservations suffer big drops
  • American Airlines recommend not flying to Barcelona until October 13th
  • Rajoy says there will only be dialogue if there is a return to legality
  • The Constitutional Court suspends the plenary session that should have dealt with independence
  • The ComĂșns make a parliamentary session about October 1st possible

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