October 9th in Catalonia and the Catalan-speaking countries


This page lists historical and other events on October 9th in Catalonia and the Catalan-speaking countries as well as a list of births and deaths of well-known Catalans..


827 - Catalunya: Ubayd Allah Abu Marwan, leading an army from the emirate of Cordoba, attacks Central Catalonia and Barcelona and lays siege to Girona without managing to enter the city.

- València: Jaume I the Conqueror enters Valencia at the head of a Catalano-Aragonese army.

- València: Big demonstration by the Pàtria Valenciana in favour of the Estatut d'Autonomia.

- València: Massive demonstration in support of the Estatut d'Autonomia for the País Valencià.

- Catalunya: bad flooding in various places.


1828 - Sabadell: Francesc de Paula Clerch i Margall, Catalan cleric.
1839 - Barcelona: Frederic Soler i Hubert, also known as Serafí Pitarra, Catalan playwright, poet and theatre promoter (died 1895).
1851 - Sabadell: Pau Colomer i Oliver, textile factory owner, trader, writer and promotor of Catalan culture.
1901 - Barcelona: Tomàs Garcés i Miravet, Catalan lawyer, poet, translator and university professor (died 1993).
1912 - Gandia, la Safor: Gonçal Castelló i Gómez-Trevijano, Valencian writer (died 2003).
1920 - Barcelona: Carlos Pérez de Rozas y Sáenz de Tejada, Catalan photographer and journalist.


1928 - Barcelona: Ignasi Iglésias i Pujadas, playwright and poet linked to the Modernista movement.
1953 - la Vall d'Uixó (la Plana Baixa): Honori Garcia i Garcia, Valencian notary, historian and publicist.
1954 - Barcelona: Aureli Capmany i Farrés, Catalan folklorist.
1974 - Mèxico: Pere Bosch i Gimpera, Catalan archeologist and pre-historian.

Festivals and Commemorations

October 9th 2016 is the Saints' Day of La Mare de Déu del Remei, which is celebrated in Catalonia on the second Sunday in October.

Barcelona Province

Around Catalonia

  • Festa del Remei in Anglès (la Selva)

Catalan-speaking Countries

  • Les Carasses in Petrer (el Vinalopó Mitjà)
  • Festes patronals of Albaida (la Vall d'Albaida)


October 9th is also the Diada Nacional del País Valencià or Valencian National Day so there are festivals throughout the Comunitat Valenciana

  • La Processó Cívica de la Senyera in València (l'Horta)
  • Nou d'Octubre in El Campelló (l'Alacantí)
  • El 9 d'octubre a Godella (l'Horta Nord)
  • Nou d'Octubre a Canals (la Costera)

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