The Pact of the Vigatans

Preparing the Catalan Alliance with England

The Pact of the Vigatans was an agreement signed on May 17th 1705 between members of the lesser nobility from Vic, who were colloquially known as The Vigatans and officially as The Company of Osona.

The group, which included two men who would become important military leaders in The War of the Spanish Succession, Josep Moragues i Mas and Francesc Macià 'Bac de Roda', were called to meet by the parish rector, Llorenç Tomàs, at the Hermitage of Sant Sebastià in the parish of Santa Eulàlia de Riuprimer just outside Vic.

The Pact of the Vigatans gave powers to their representaives, Domènec Perera and Antoni de Peguera to negotiate an alliance with England at a meeting which would take place in Genoa a month later on June 20th 1705.

In the secret agreement with Queen Anne of England's representative, Mitford Crowe, the English would promise to give the Catalans help against Felipe V of Castile and also to uphold Catalonia's laws, charters and institutions.

In return, the Catalans militia, known as The Miquelets, would give military support to the troops of the Grand Alliance who were planning to disembark on the Catalan coast a few months later.

 Thanks to Lluís Romero for the photos, which show the the memorial stone of the Pact of the Vigatans and a tableau installation of the signatories. They can be visited at at the Hermitage of Sant Sebastià.

 Lluís's site provides fantastic information and images of hermitages all around Catalonia. Highly recommended.


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