Paul Haas

FC Barcelona President 1902-03

Paul Haas was the third president of Futbol Club Barcelona and the first who had neither attended the meeting at which the club was founded nor played for the club.

Born Paul Auguste Haas in Boujean, Switzerland in 1873, he took over the presidency on September 5th 1902 and remained in office until September 17th 1903.

The period was marked by serious financial difficulties caused by the high costs of maintaining the club and also by arguments with the Federación Gimnástica Española, which wanted to organise football competitions without foreigners and so gain control over FC Barcelona.

As a result Haas was invlved in setting up the Associació Catalana de Clubs de Futbol, which later evolved into the present day Federació Catalana de Futbol, and included most clubs apart Español and Internacional at the beginning.

During the Paul Haas presidency, FC Barcelona withdrew from the 1902-03 Copa Macaya, after a victory over Hispania had been unfairly invalidated, and started the Copa Barcelona, the forerunner of the Campionat de Catalunya, which was started the following season.

Incidentally, FC Barcelona won the first Copa Barcelona tournament after winning twelve out of fourteen matches.

Paul Haas also started the rugby section of the club and another of his iniatives was the creation of Futbol Club Barcelona cards of honour.

When Haas stood down, he was succeeded by Arthur Witty.


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