Thinking Of Buying Property In Barcelona?

April 21, 2021 Off By barcelonas

I Can Help!

If you are interested in buying property in Barcelona, I offer a personalised Property Finder Service here in the Catalan capital.

Furthermore, if you are looking to buy elsewhere in Spain, as a member of the Spanish Property Network and regular contributors to Spain Property Magazine, I can easily put you in touch with reliable and trusted English-speaking colleagues in most other cities or regions.

Barcelona Personal Shopper


Why do you need a Property Finder Service?

It obviously depends on each individual case but most of my clients have a relatively low level of Spanish if any at all, which makes negotiating with agents, owners, banks etc. rather difficult.

Even if you speak some Spanish, if you currently live abroad, you’ll probably still miss out on the subtleties and, it is unlikely you will have much knowledge of the local Catalan language, which is often very useful for opening doors and creating a good impression.

Similarly, whilst you may have visited Barcelona on holiday, it takes some time to really get to know a big city so without on the ground knowledge you could be missing out.

Finally, without language, local knowledge or a good grasp of sometimes eccentric local laws, it is easy to make mistakes or get taken advantage of.

Buying property in Barcelona involves a significant investment so you need the best possible advice.


What does the Property Finder Service consist of?

The process begins by you outlining the kind of property you are looking for and how much you want to spend via email.

You may already have an idea of where you want to buy but it is important to find out plenty about you and your family situation and what you want the property for so that we can provide the best possible advice.

Obviously, the circumstances of a family who plan to move to Barcelona are very different from a couple looking for a holiday home or someone who is making an investment.

Then the search begins using local estate agent contacts in different neighbourhoods and the main Internet property portals to come up with a list of suggested properties.

We put together a list of interesting properties, which can be inspected prior to your visit to Barcelona if your time is limited or we can visit together if you can spend a little longer here.

Once you have all the necessary legal requirements, such as NIE, completed from your end, you book your trip to Barcelona.

On arrival, the priorities are an introduction to an excellent English-speaking lawyer and help arranging a Spanish bank account and dealing with local legal bureaucracy.

We then organise and accompany you on as many viewings as necessary until you find exactly what you are looking for.

Crucially we will be present at all meetings with the seller-agent to help you negotiate the best deal possible.

And last but not least, once your purchase is made, we will help get the utilities connected in your name and also be around just in case there are any problems over the first few months.


How much does it cost?

Our services cost 3% of the final property price with a minimum of €2700 (for property under €90,000).

We prefer to be upfront about the pricing because we are confident that the service you get is worth much more.

Do not be deceived by agents who don’t charge you anything and tell you that they charge the seller nothing either.

Our priority is to find the perfect property in Barcelona for our clients and then get the best possible deal.

This normally results in savings significantly higher than our commission.