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When you think of the typical foreign investor looking to buy property in District of Les Corts, you immediately think of upmarket Pedralbes although both the Les Corts neighbourhood and La Maternitat i Sant Ramon have a lot going for them for different reasons.

If you are thinking of buying property in Pedralbes, you are really looking at €500,000 an upwards and the houses and apartments tend to be for private use with very few rental options.

The owner-occupier properties also prevail in the neighbourhood of Les Corts and La Maternitat i Sant Ramon just as in the rest of Barcelona but both offer more options for both tourist and short-term rentals.

In my opinion, much Les Corts neighbourhood, particularly below Diagonal, is difficult to distinguish from the Eixample and although a little further away from the centre has similar attractions to tourists and business people.

As far as La Maternitat i Sant Ramon is concerned, the presence of the University of Barcelona campus means there is a large student population looking for accommodation for 9 months of the year and a well marketed tourist apartment would be perfect for fans coming to watch FC Barcelona play at Camp Nou, which is in the neighbourhood.

The district is attractive from a point of view of rentals and most Estate Agents will be happy to administer your property in Les Corts as a short, mid or long-term rental if necessary.

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Current Property Prices in Les Corts

The graphic above shows the change in price per square metre of real estate in Les Corts between January 2016 and January 2017.

Prices rose consistently over the last year from €4,239/m2 and after puuting on a burst in the first quarter of 2016 ended at €4,756/m2, which is well above the average price of property in Barcelona of €3,879.

The reason for this is that most of Les Corts is highly desirable real estate mainly owned by locals and the recent improvement in the Spanish economy has directly reflected on Barcelonans buying capacity.

I tend to update my Barcelona district property pages relatively regularly (famous last words) but if you want to see the latest property trends in Les Corts, Please Click Here to Visit Internet Property Portal Habitaclia, where prices are updated every month.

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