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Map of Location of Sant Andreu in Barcelona

Buying property in Sant Andreu is not an obvious choice but the lovely old historic centre of Sant Andreu de Palomar and the new railway station at La Sagrera makes the district an interesting option for investors.

However, the district as a whole is a bit Jeckyll and Hyde and contains some of the roughest areas in Barcelona so you really need advice on location before you buy.

As far as I'm concerned Barcelona just simply doesn't get better than the old historic centre of Sant Andreu de Palomar, which really still is a village trapped within the boundaries of the great metropolis.

Other areas of interest within the district are those on the city centre side of the Sant Andreu de Palomar.

Property in La Sagrera is likely to see a significant increase in value once the new railway station is finished as the area will rival Sants and become Barcelona's main connection with France and the rest of Europe.

Closer to Barcelona City Centre, Navas and El Congrès i els Indians are perfect inner city neighbourhoods and will also benefit from the presence of the station.

Think twice, though, before investing in Trinitat Vella, Baró de Viver or Bon Pastor because these neighbourhoods remain a little marginal although with La Maquinista shopping centre expecting to increase in size, Bon Pastor looks set for improvements in the near future.

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Current Property Prices in Sant Andreu

The graphic above shows the change in price per square metre of real estate in Sant Andreu between April 2015 and March 2016.

The average price of property in Sant Andreu as a whole has risen moderately from €2,197/m2 to €2,328/m2, which is over 1,500 euros below the Barcelona average of €3,879/m2.

In my opinion, this means that this is a fantastic time to invest in property in a district that is solidly traditional working class and has been hit very badly by unemployment and the economic crisis.

I tend to update my Barcelona district property pages relatively regularly (famous last words) but if you want to see the latest trends in Sant Andreu, Please Click Here to Visit Internet Property Portal Habitaclia, where prices are updated every month.

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