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Barcelona District 10 - Real Estate Investment Guide

With its beaches, the [email protected] technology area and the reformation of Placa de les Glories, buying property in Sant Martí is not only a great investment but also an excellent choice as a family home.

A combination of the economic crisis and the fact that the district is not yet fully established as a tourist area means that property prices in Sant Martí are exaggeratedly low.

Furthermore, Sant Martí is Barcelona's upcoming district with an investment programme over the next decade that makes it a sure fire proposition for long-term investors.

The modern neighbourhoods of Vila Olímpica and Diagonal Mar are in a very privileged location on the Barcelona coastline and offer easy access to Barcelona beaches.

The same is true of the lovely working-class El Poblenou, which with its Rambla is in my opinion by far the nicest part of the district.

As an investor, I would look very closely at the neighbourhoods of El Besòs i El Maresme and La Verneda i La Pau because both are currently relatively rundown neighbourhoods but their location within walking distance of the beach and the Parc del Fòrum means they are likely to gentrify in the near future.

El Parc i La Llacuna de Poblenou, Sant Martí de Provençals and Provençals de Poblenou are all benefiting from the massive renovations brought about by the [email protected] technology area and money is definitely coming into the district.

Similarly, the plans to turn Plaça de les Glòries into an alternative Barcelona City Centre over the next decade is going signifcantaly benefit these neighbourhoods, as well as El Clot and Camp de l'Arpa.

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Current Prices of Property in Sant Martí

The graphic below shows the change in price per square metre of real estate in Sant Martí between April 2015 and March 2016.

The average price of property in Sant Martí as a whole has risen quite significantly by 9.1% from €3,530/m2 to €3,954/m2, which is just above below the Barcelona average of €3,879/m2.

In my opinion, this means that this is a fantastic time to invest in property in the lower priced neighbourhoods of a district where given current urban investment plans, property is bound to increase in value.

The high prices of areas such as Diagonal Mar and Vila Olímpica are just an indicator of what I think will happen to the district as a whole over coming years.

I tend to update my Barcelona district property pages relatively regularly (famous last words) but if you want to see the latest property trends in Sant Martí, Please Click Here to Visit Internet Property Portal Habitaclia, where prices are updated every month.

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