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Interviews and Chat Shows 2014-15

Since November 2014, I have been a contributor to PuntAvui TV and have appeared on Our Finest Hour with Matthew Tree, Catalan Connections with Marcela Topor and L'Illa de Robinson with Eduard Berraondo.

Obviously, the main idea initially was to promote my book, Catalonia Is Not Spain: A Historical Perspective, which I did on Eduard Berraondo's daily news magazine in Catalan L'Illa de Robinson, but I've also had the chance to talk about the website and even play a song on Catalan Connections with Marcela Topor.

By far the most appearances, though, have been on Mattew Tree's Our Finest Hour, on which Matthew invites three guests to have an informal chat about what's in the news that week.

Unfortunately, PuntAvui TV videos don't allow embedding onto webpages so, although I've included a photo, you have to click on the link to be able to watch the programme.


Our Finest Hour - 21/5/2015

Along with Matthew, we had the translator Andrew Spence and the very interesting Gary Gibson, who was involved in the excellent documentary Spain's Secret Conflict.

Basically, the programme was a beginner's guide to Catalan politics in the light of the forthcoming municipal elections - quite a good show, in my opinion.

Our Finest Hour - 2/4/2015

On this edition of Our Finest Hour I was accompanied by my good friend Brian McLean and Nigerian-born Liverpudlian singer-songwriter Berni Armstrong.

We discussed the new Route Map for Catalan Independence, the recent elections in Nigeria and then Berni sang a song about Easter and I made some highly critical comments about how it is celebrated in Spain.

Catalan Connections - 25/2/2015

This is a complete interview in English with Marcela Topor in which I talk about both my books Catalonia Is Not Spain: A Historical Perspective (2014) and Going Native in Catalonia (2008) and associated themes and topics.

I also get to talk about this website and even get to play my guitar and sing one of my recent songs, Diumenges i Festius, which is the first I've written in Catalan.

Our Finest Hour - 8/1/2015

This edition of Our Finest Hour went out the day after the Islamist attack on the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris and the problem of Islamism is inevitably the central topic of discussion.

The other guests are Catalan, Hadar Ayxandri, who has recently returned from a couple of years in the United States and Italian-born, Martha Moreo, who has lived in Argentina, the United States and now 16 years in Catalonia, where she is Immigration Secretary of the Assemble Nacional Catalan.

L'illa de Robinson - 10/12/2014

The objective of my interview on Eduard Berraondo's current affairs magazine, L'Illa de Robinson, was specifically to promote Catalonia Is Not Spain: A Historical Perspective and was conducted in Catalan.

In this interview, which starts around minute 8, Eduard asks my quite a lot about the process of integration into Catalan society and my reasons for writing the book and we also discuss whether Catalonia's future as an independent state is realistic or not.

Our Finest Hour - 20/11/2014

On my first appearance on Matthew Tree's Our Finest Hour, I appeared alongside fellow writers Brett Hetherington, author of The Remade Parent, and Roger Evans, author of A Musical Life in Eventful Times about the Catalan composer Xavier Montsalvatge.

All three of us have the opportunity to talk specifically about our books before the conversation moves on to our feelings about living in Catalonia and our hopes and fears for Catalonia's political future, which links very nicely to the common Catalan theme in both Roger's and my books.

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