Rafael Llopart i Vidaud

FC Barcelona President 1915

Rafael Llopart i Vidaud was elected president of FC Barcelona on June 29th 1915 and, after the tense presidency of Joaquim Peris de Vargas, his term of office marked a return to consensus and agreement.

He was the son of Sitges businessman Rafael Llopart i Ferret, who had made his fortune in Cuba, where Llopart i Vidaud was born in 1875

After his term of office as FC Barcelona president, Llopart would remain an important sitgetà as one of the organisers of the Exposició Nacional de Clavells in 1991 and as president of the Club Esportiu Sitgetà.

As far as business is concerned, Llopart founded the textile company Textil Martí, Llopart i Trenchs S.A. in 1924, which finally closed down in the 1960s.

His season as FC Barcelona president was important in returning peace to the club and the team were crowned champions of the Campionat de Catalunya, winning all eleven of the games they played.

However, in the Campeonato de España, Barcelona were drawn against Real Madrid and four games were needed to decide the tie and in the last game, after a dispute with the referee, the Barcelona team ended up retiring from the game.

Considering this a sporting failure, Rafael Llopart and his board of directors resigned at the end of the season and he was succeeded by Gaspar Rosés, who took over the FC Barcelona presidency for his second tenure.

Llopart i Vidaud died in Barcelona in 1951 after a long and successful career in business.


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