RCD Espanyol

The Power of a Sentiment

Full Name: Reial Club Deportiu Espanyol de Barcelona S.A.D.
Founded: 28th October 1900

Nicknames: Pericos, Periquitos, Blanquiblaus
Slogan: La Força d'un Sentiment - The Power of a Sentiment

Stadium: Estadi Cornellà-El Prat
Address: Avinguda Baix Llobregat, 100, 08940 Cornellà de Llobregat, Barcelona

Titles: 4 Copas del Rey, 2 Runners-up UEFA Cupa, 1 Segunda División, 11 Campionats de Catalunya, 6 Copas de Catalunya


Historically RCD Espanyol are one of Spain's biggest clubs with a very solid fan base and it's well worth going to see them in their magnificent new stadium where the atmosphere is always brilliant.

The club was founded as Sociedad Española de Football on October 28th 1900 by Angel Rodriguez and a group of Spaniards partly as a reaction against FC Barcelona who were mainly foreigners, and was in fact the first team in Spain to be formed by Spanish fans.

The club was originally called La Sociedad Española de Football and became Club Español de Fútbol a year later.

Espanyol folded due to financial difficulties in 1906 and was relaunched as Club Deportivo Español in 1910 and the real was added two years later when they received royal patronage from King Alfonso XIII.

The club took the Catalan form of the name Reial Club Deportiu Espanyol de Barcelona in 1995, twenty years after Franco's death, and in fact, the word Deportiu is a catalanisation of the Castilian word Deportivo rather than the correct Catalan Esportiu and was used to retain the RCD in the name.

Espanyol originally played in bright yellow shirts, as a friend of the club founder owned a textile business and happened to have an abundance of yellow material left over from a job.

Blue and white as shirt colours and as the central colours of the club badge were chosen in 1910 in homage to the colours appearing on the shield of the great Admiral Roger de Lluria, who sailed the Mediterranean fighting on behalf of the Crown of Aragon in the Middle Ages.

The club were successful from the very beginning, winning the Campionat de Catalunya in 1903 and subsequently playing in the Copa del Rey.

Espanyol have won 4 Copas del Rey and been UEFA Cup runners up on two occasions.

The Pericos play in the modern Estadi Cornellà-El Prat stadium, which with a capacity for over 40,000 spectators, is one of the most modern stadiums in Spain.

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