Russian German Rivalry Debunked.

by Raymond Leddy

It's unfortunate that whenever the theme of Russia comes up in the mind of a British person, it's accompanied by Bond music. It's nigh on impossible to get clear modern thinking on Russia without people going all Graham Green, Cold War, Scorpions etc.

Britain's beef with Russia goes all the way back to the wrestling match for India, skirmishes in Afghanistan, Balaclava, charge of the light brigade, Kim Philby etc etc. The resource library though hasn't been updated since 1989 and to engage in a conversation on Russia, you must put yourself back mentally to pre 1989.

Putin is everyone's scapegoat, and he's personally responsible for an incredible series of catastrophic events around the world as well as in deep space. Much ink has been used to indict him and Russia for the Brexit debacle and now with the EU in the spotlight, he and his folk are dragged out once again to play the baddie.

Russia's perception of itself vis a vis its perception of itself with the world, is an equal partner treated with respect and traded with it as any other. Every since Sochi which was to be it's debut back to the host of nations, the West/EU/Nato has stooped to every low down smear tactic both frivolous and dangerous to discredit and harm the reemergence of Russia as a credible state.

Russia supplies about 38% of the EU's gas needs, Norway about 34% and trade pre-sanctions was growing continuously to mutually beneficial levels.Now post the Nulandistas attempt to wrest Russia's only Mediterranean port into the clutches of NATO, Russia has quietly realized that we're not to be trusted in any sense and has reconfigured it's policies and economics to exist without dependence on the EU's markets, perhaps to it's own loss in some spheres, but the Russian economy has successfully stress tested itself to much lower levels than any western country could withstand.

Russia in due course can exist in essence without the western markets, but not so the west without the Russian markets, as evidenced by the voting across the EU to lift Russian sanctions, which in effect really means asking Russia to lift it's counter sanctions against EU states which has put lots of European companies and regions into penury.

One should note that the US's trade with Russia has only increased, even NASA's space program is entirely dependent on Russian rockets. The concept of an EU army I think is a good one, one can bet that Russia would immediately want to partner with it and that it's focus would be directed in counter terrorism measures and maritime security.

In short during the Yeltin years, Russia has looked into the abyss and knows what it could have become, it's model for survival is to be defensive, protective and anti imperialist in it's foreign policy outlook. Russia's borders as they are now and it's interests with it's partners around the world are what we should absorb now if only we can get the Bond theme out of our heads.

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Jul 08, 2016
Russian German Rivalry Debunked
by: Raymond Leddy

Germany has nothing to fear from Russia, only NATO's mandarins want to keep the tension high, as it justifies it's existence. Germany is essentially NATO in Europe, so an EU army controlled by the largest economy is logical, but it means the US military out of Europe and marooned in the UK, so it won't happen.

Jul 08, 2016
Missed the point
by: Simon Harris

I wasn't intentionally criticising Russia, Raymond. I'm more suspicious of a German-led EU having an army and therefore igniting Russia's quite legitimate fears.

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