Sant Andreu de Llavaneres

A Select Village Just North of Mataró

Sant Andreu de Llavaneres is a lovely town in the comarca of El Maresme on the Mediterranean coast about 36 kilometres north of Barcelona in the comarca of Maresme between between Mataró and Sant Vicenç de Montalt.

The town has a population of a little over 10,000 inhabitants and is generally known by its short name of Llavaneres.

The urban centre is actually located a couple of kilometres inland but the neighbourhood of Can Sanç and the Port Balis marina are both on the coast as is the train station.

The village has a mixed agricultural and residential character and is also a very desirable vacation and summer-residence location for people living in Barcelona, which can be seen in both the expensive boats moored at Port Balis and the very select Club de Golf de Llavaneres.

The beach at Llavaneres is small but pleasant and slopes down steeply into water to such an extent that you are out of your depth and swimming after a few paces.


Getting to Sant Andreu de Llavaneres

By Road: Sant Andreu de Llavaneres is well connected with the rest of El Maresme and with Barcelona thanks to old Camí Real, which is now the N-II main road.

By Train: Trains from Barcelona stop at the Sant Andreu de Llavaneres station on the Renfe Rodalies R1 Line.

Ajuntament de Sant Andreu de Llavaneres

If you understand some Catalan, you can find up to date news about Dosrius on the Ajuntament de Sant Andreu de Llavaneres Website.

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