Sant Andreu Teatre

Dance, Music and Community Theatre in Sant Andreu

Located on Carrer Neopàtria just of Rambla Fabra i Puig in the neighbourhood of Sant Andreu de Palomar, Sant Andreu Teatre, also known as SAT!, opened its doors in 1990.

It was originally located in the old Sant Andreu bus depot but moved next door when Cines Lauren took over the space a few years later.

SAT fulfills an excellent function as a neighbourhood and community theatre offering a varied programme of straight plays, musicals and children's theatre as well as a smattering of contemporary and experimental productions.

The seating is on sloped upwards giving excellent visibility and the theatre has a capacity for 383 spectators.


Getting to Sant Andreu Teatre

Sant Andreu Teatre
Carrer de Neopàtria, 54
08030 Barcelona


Metro Fabra i Puig - Red L1 Line, Metro Onze de Setembre - Red L1 Line, Blue L5 Line, Orange L9 Line, Light Blue L10 Line

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