Saints Day of Sant Helena

August 18th

August 18th is the Saints Day of Santa Helena, who was also known as Flavia Iulia Helena or Helena of Constantinople. She is one of the patron saints of Cabrils in El Maresme and the reason for one of their Festa Major.

She was probably born in AD 248 in Drepanum before it was known as Helenopolis and was the first wife of Constantius Chlorus, who was Roman Emperor for a year from  305 to 306.

This made her the mother of Constantine I the Great, who was the first Roman Emperor to profess Christianity.

Apparently, Helena travelled to the Holy Land between AD 326 and 328 founding churches and establishing relief agencies for the poor and while she was there, she found the hiding place of the three crosses of Jesus and the two thieves, Saint Dismas and Gestas, who were crucified with him.

Many churches claim to possess fragments of the True Cross and although their authenticity is questioned, the Catholic, Orthodox and Anglican venerate Helena as a saint on both the Saints' Day of Santa Helena and La Diada de la Santa Creu on May 3rd


Festes de Santa Helena

August 18th is the Saints Day of Santa Helena and Cabrils in El Maresme celebrates one its Festa Majors on this day.

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