Catalonia News Headlines for September 2019

La Diada and La Mercè 2019

The two main events in September are the Catalan Nation Day or La Diada on the 11th and the Barcelona's Main City Festival or La Mercè around the 24th. Both are under question for a variety of reasons.

I may add other newspapers as the project progresses because, out of circumstance rather than choice, I read La Vanguardia every day as it is the newspaper available in the bar in Barcelona where I have breakfast.


Sunday September 1st: Sánchez preps for elections still waiting for Iglesias Sánchez prepares for elections while waiting for an about face from Iglesias as Moncloa believes that "a cautious majority" will give them victory on 10-N and Torra is considering investing Puigdemont to answer the 1-O sentence.

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