September 27th in Catalonia and the Catalan-speaking countries

This page lists historical and other events on September 27th in Catalonia and the Catalan-speaking countries as well as a list of births and deaths of well-known Catalans.


2009 - Barcelona (Barcelonès): Els Castellers de Barcelona build 4 de 8 amb agulla in plaça de Sant Jaume, for the first time in their history.

2015 - Elections to Parliament of Catalonia, which were won by the pro-independence coalition, Junts pel Sí.


1777 - Titaigües, Serrans, País Valencià: Simón de Rojas Clemente y Rubio, Valencian botanist (died 1827).

1858 - Girona: Joaquim Ruyra i Oms, writer (died 1939).

1880 - Barcelona: Carles Casagemas i Coll, painter and friend of Picasso (died 1901).

1898 - Ascoli Piceno (Itàlia): Valentino Silvio Bompiani, Italian publisher (died 1992).

1910 - Banyoles: Miquel Boixó, Communist activist who fought in the Spanish Civil War and the Second World War.

1948 - Mataró, Maresme: Joan Pera, cinema and theatre actor.

1950 - Sabadell, Vallès Occidental: Fina Miralles Nobell, Catalan plastic artist


1862 - Barcelona: Bonaventura Carles Aribau, Catalan poet.

1934 - Barcelona: Jaume Carner i Romeu, Catalan lawyer and politician.

1961 - Barcelona: Josep Maria de Sagarra i de Castellarnau, prolific Catalan poet, novelist, dramatist, journalist and translator. (born 1894).

2002 - Terrassa: Anna Murià i Romaní, Catalan writer, translator and journalist.

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