Catalonia Headlines for Saturday September 9th 2017

Colau puts the brakes on Barcelona's participation in October 1st

Barcelona Mayor, Ada Colau, refuses to commit the City Council's support for the referendum while 680 town councils around Catalonia do promise their support.

La Vanguardia Headlines

The front page headlines in La Vanguardia read:

  • Colau puts the brakes on Barcelona's participation in October 1st
  • The Mayor asks by letter for a clarification from the Catalan government in order to gain time
  • The City Council secretary rejects allowing the use of facilities
  • Hospitalet refuses to collaborate but 680 municipalities will do so
  • The Public Prosecutor orders police to seize ballot boxes and voting slips
  • The public ministry asks for bail for Puigdemont and the rest of the members of the Catalan government
  • The Spanish government urges Catalans to reject "altercation"
  • Spokesman, Méndez de Vigo, affirms that "all scenarios" have been foreseen
  • Miami inhabitants wait for Hurricane Irma in refuges and in areas far from the coast in expectation of flooding of more than three metres
  • Tens of dead in Mexico in a massive earthquake

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