Sitges Hotels

Accommodation In Garraf's Most Desirable Resort

I have divided the Sitges Hotels into three categories - 4 and 5 Star Hotels, 3 Star Hotels and 1 and 2 Star Hotels - in order to make the content more manageable.

Although there are a few exceptions, the majority of the hotels in Sitges are located in five broad areas, which I've labeled as Turó de la Punta, the Station, El Vinyet, Terramar Golf Course and Aiguadolç Marina on the map.

Strictly speaking, this is quite an oversimplification of the different neighbourhoods in Sitges but should give you a general idea.

For more, specific information on the neighbourhoods, beaches and other useful information, you should consult the main Sitges pages.

The best area for most holidaymakers, including is close to the seafront to the left of the Old Town or Casc Antic on Turó de la Punta as you look at the map.

There are a few 4 Star Hotels in this area but the majority are 3 Star and have their own garden and swimming pools - great for families.

The 4 Star hotels out at Terramar Golf Course are also close to beach, so are great for combining sun, sea, sand and golf, whilst the only 5 Star Hotel is on the other side of the course, but does provide transport to to the beach in case your partner - not your golf partner - gets tired.

There are more 4 Star Hotels out near the Aiguadolç Marina, which are perfect for those of you who love messing about in boats, and the Balmins and Aiguadolç beaches at this end are both really lovely.

To be perfectly honest, I don't know the Vinyet area very well - if you don't mind a walk to the town centre, it sounds very pleasant, though.

Finally, most of the 1 and 2 Star Sitges Hotels are up near the station on the beach side of the tracks.

Speaking personally, this is the part of Sitges, I know best and is probably where I'd choose to stay myself.


4 And 5 Star Sitges Hotels

On the current count, I've found a dozen or so 4 Star and one 5 Star Hotel in Sitges.

Of the four hotels located close to the town centre seafront, I particularly like the look of Hotel La Niña, mainly because of the building.

I also fancy Hotel San Sebastian Playa on my favourite section of beach at Sant Sebastià.

Once again, it's set in a lovely building and there are a couple of really great restaurants round here.

Out at Aiguadolç Marina, the very arty Estela Barcelona holds exhibitions and many of its rooms have been decorated by famous Catalan artists.

Not being a golfer, as far as I'm concerned, being able to play the beloved game wouldn't make up for being so far out of town.

However, if you like that kind of thing, the 5 Star Dolce Sitges has to be first choice.

3 Star Sitges Hotels

Three out of the six 3 Star Hotels in Sitges are located on or close to Passeig de la Ribera - the centrally located seafront promenade in Sitges.

In my opininion, there is very little to choose from Platjador Hotel, La Santa Maria Hotel and Hotel Celimar - they all offer accommodation at very reasonable prices in an excellent location.

Another 3 Star Hotel that catches my attention is Hotel Sitges Medium Park. It's set in a lovely Modernista building on Carrer Jesús, right in the town centre.

1 And 2 Star Sitges Hotels

Most of the 1 and 2 Star Hotels in Sitges are located close to the train station. It's a bit of a walk to the beach but a really lovely part of town.

Two hotels that stand out are Hotel El Xalet-Noucentista and Hotel Liberty, both of which are oriented towards gay travellers.

I also like the look of Hotel Alexandra, which is located very close to the town centre, and boasts a simple but extremely chic design. And for a budget beach hotel, you can't go wrong with Hotel Los Globos.

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