Somorrostro Beach

Platja de Somorrostro

Located between the gas breakwater and the Port Olímpic in the neighbourhood of La Barceloneta, Somorrostro Beach takes its name from a shanty town that was on the site until the 1960s.

From the mid-19th century onwards, Somorrostro shanty town stood in front of the Hospital de Infecciosos, now the Hospital de Mar, and had a population of 15,000 people living in around 2,000 jerry-built shacks.

The population was made up mainly of gitanos, Spanish gypsies, and immigrants from other parts of Spain and the famous flamenco dancer Carmen Amaya was born here in 1918.

Starring in the 1963 film Los Tarantos, Carmen Amaya was the first person to bring flamenco to the international stage in the 1940s and the fact that she was born here indicates the important tradition of flamenco in Barcelona.

Until 2010, Somorrostro was part of Barceloneta Beach but the name was changed to reflect its historical importance.

Today it is a well-equipped beach with lifeguard service, showers and public toilets and is now best-known because it is backed by Frank Gehry's iconic Fish sculpture and the twin towers of Torre Mapfre and Hotel Arts.


Getting to Somorrostro Beach

Platja de Somorrostro
Passeig Marítim de la Barceloneta, 32
08003 Barcelona

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