Spanish Government Should React

by Chris Gamble

You would have thought the PP and Central Government in Spain would have learnt from Scottish Independence Campaign but they appear to be as unintelligent as their intransigence suggests. Whatever happens Catalonia will now have much more presence in Madrid and in the future of Spain. My only wish is that wiping out corruption would be a key feature of an independence mandate, which I don't think it is.

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Sep 30, 2015
Being Clean is a Start
by: Chris Gamble

I don't feel that 'being clean' is enough albeit it's a good start.
To distance themselves from PP & PSOE I think they should have a direct and overt anti-corruption manifesto.
This is not only because the disgusting institutionalised corruption in Spanish politics needs to be rigorously overhauled or even that the rest of Europe is looking for some assurances to fight off the anti-EU campaigners in UK, Holland, France etc; but, that it makes political sense to align to Podemos in this objective in the event (reading your statistics) there is no actual independence but rather a collective resistance or changing force rather like the SNP and Labour have some collective power to veto the Tories in the UK.

Sep 29, 2015
The Pro-Independence Parties Are Doing What They Can About Corruption
by: Simon Harris

Actually, Chris I think eliminating corruption is one of the priorities of all the pro-independence parties.

ERC and CUP have been involved in no scandals as far as I know and the high level Convergència corruption cases mainly date from before Artur Mas took over the party in 2003 or are certainly not linked to him or the current leadership.

I'm actually working on a book idea about Mas and so I have researched him in depth and although you might criticise him for some of his conservative austerity measures, I'm pretty sure he's completely clean as far as corruption goes.

If the Spanish investigators haven't been able to pin anything on him we can be fairly confident of that and you cannot accuse of corruption just because members of the party he inherited from the Pujol period have been found guilty of dody dealings.

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