Teatre de Sarrià

A Long History of Theatre, Opera and Dance in Sarrià

Located close to Major de Sarrià in the heart of the former village of Sarrià, the Teatre de Sarrià first opened its doors in 1919 but has only existed in its current format since 2001.

Originally the Orfeó Sarrianenc, the theatre was inspired by the Teatre Romea and built in Italian style.

Following the Civil War, the Francoist regime tried to close down the Orfeó Sarrianenc and confiscate its properties and only the intervention of the parish church, to which the theatre still belongs, managed to save it.

The theatre has undergone major restoration work since 2001 and has reopened again in early 2015 with plans to offer an interesting programme of children's and adults' theatre, musicals, dance, opera and sarsuela.


Getting to Teatre de Sarrià

Teatre de Sarrià
C/ Pare Miquel de Sarrià, 8
08034, Barcelona


FGC Sarrià, FGC Reina Elisenda - Lilac L6 Line, Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat

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