Teatre Romea

A Barcelona Theatrical Classic in El Raval

Located on Carrer d'Hospital in El Raval close to The Ramblas, Teatre Romea was built in 1863 on the site of the Convent of Sant Agustí Nou and is one of Barcelona's oldest and most celebrated theatres.

It actually opened to the public as Teatre Català on October 3rd 1867 with the premiere the drama La Rosa Blanca by owner and celebrated local playwright by Serafí Pitarra.

The Romea was renovated in 1913, and again in 1943 and 1964, and has stalls and a lower and upper circle and capacity for 1,500 spectators.

Since its opening, the programme has focused on theatre in Catalan with the only exception being the early years of the Franco dictatorship and this policy continues to this day.

In 1981, the Romea became the Catalan National Theatre until the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya opened in 1996.

Since 2014, the artistic direction has been in the capable hands of Borja Sitjà and in the last decade the Romea has won awards for the Best Theatre Programme in Spain and the Premio Max de la Artes Escénicas for Best Theatre Production Company.


Getting to Teatre Romea

Teatre Romea
Carrer de l'Hospital, 51
08001 Barcelona


Metro Liceu - Green L3 Line

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