Teatre Victòria

A Legendary Barcelona Theatre on El Paral.lel

Located in Barcelona's traditional theatre zone on El Paral.lel between Poble Sec and El Raval, Teatre Victòria was established in 1905 as Teatro Pabellón Soriano and is one of the city's most popular theatres.

The theatre took its current name of the Victòria in 1915 and in 1954 was bought by the Balaguer family, who put on some legendary musicals during the 1960s and 1970s.

Since 1986, the Victòria has been run by Tres per Tres, the production company owned by Tricicle, Dagoll Dagom and ANEXA, who finally bought the premises in 2001, and obviously the theatre is used to showcase major new productions by its owners.

The stalls have seating for 870 whilst the circle seats 354 giving the theatre a capacity for 1,224 spectators.


Getting to Teatre Victòria

Teatre Victòria
Av. del Paraŀlel, 67
08004 Barcelona


Metro Paral.lel - Purple L2 Line, Green L3 Line , Metro Poble Sec  - Green L3 Line

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