A Dormitory Town in the Hills Close to Barcelona

Tiana is an inland municipality of a little over 8,000 people located on the slopes of Serralada de Marina in the comarca of El Maresme at a distance of about 15 kilometres from Barcelona. 

The municipality borders on Badalona in El Barcelonès, Santa María de Martorellas de Arriba and San Fausto de Campcentellas in El Vallès Oriental and the Maresme towns of AlellaEl Masnou and Montgat, which was originally the Tiana's fishing neighbourhood.

Set in rolling hills which protect it from the wind and with easy access to the sea, Tiana is a very pleasant place to live so given its proximity to Barcelona, Tiana is mainly a dormitory town for people working in the Catalan capital or nearby Barcelona.


Getting to Tiana

By Road: There is a turnoff for Tiana on both the C-32 and B-20 motorways.

Ajuntament de Tiana

If you understand some Catalan, you can find up to date news about Dosrius on the Ajuntament de Tiana Website.

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