Tomàs Rosés i Ibbotson

FC Barcelona President 1929-30

Tomàs Rosés i Ibbotson was born to a Catalan father and English mother in Liverpool in 1883 and became FC Barcelona president on March 23rd 1929.

He was the oldest son of Ramon Rosés Feliu and Flora Ibbotson Wright and came from an important family of textile industrialists, who owned the company Roses y Compañía, founded by his grandfather in 1837 in Cornellà de Llobregat.

Ramon Rosés sent young Tomàs back to England to gain experience in cotton manufacturing and upon his return to Barcelona, he gradually took over the business in Catalonia, finally renaming the company Algodonera Tomás Rosés S.A. after his father's death in 1921.

At the same time, Rosés was involved in financial operations through the company's finance department and he ended up founding Banca Rosés, S.A in 1930 after he had left the presidency of FC Barcelona.

Tomàs Rosés was active in Barcelona society of was a member of the board of El Gran Teatre del Liceu.

He was an enthusiastic amateur sailor and a football supporter and in 1928, he joined the board of FC Barcelona presided at the time by Arcadi Balaguer, who resigned a year later.

At the assembly of March 23rd 1929, Rosés was elected president and the first thing he did was to take on Englishman James Bellamy as coach as current manager Romà Forns had resigned at the same time as Arcadi Balaguer.

Just three months later on June 30th 1929, FC Barcelona were crowned champions of the very first Liga.

The 1920-30 season began well with FC Barcelona winning the Campionat de Catalunya and continued with a brilliant start to La Liga.

The team strung six consecutive victories together, the best start until 2013, until they were beaten first 4-0 by Español and then 4-1 by Real Madrid.

The board reacted against the players immediately accusing them of unprofessionalism and lack of discipline and Ramón Guzmán was fined 300 pesetas for playing badly, Enric Mas was fined 250 pesetas for visiting Palafrugell to visit his family without the club's permission and Josep Saló was fined 25 pesetas for being seen at a dancehall.

The result was one of the biggest player mutinies in the history of the club and a group of players sent a letter to the newspapers complaining about the behaviour of the board.

Rosés suspended all signatories without pay for 14 days and it was only after the intervention of future president, Josep Sunyol, that both sides withdrew their accusations.

However, it was too late to recover in sporting terms and Athletic Club de Bilbao ended up winning the Liga and Copa double.

Tomàs Rosés stood down from the presidency on June 30th 1030 and his position was taken by Gaspar Rosés, who began his third term of office.


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