A Vibrant Inland Town on the Edge of Girona Province

Tordera is an inland municipality of around 17,000 people located in the north of the comarca of El Maresme on the edge of the Parc Natural del Montnegre-Corredor and bordering on the comarca of La Selva in the Province of Girona.

The town is 35 km from the city of Girona and 66 km from Barcelona and is the largest municipality in El Maresme with various neighbourhoods and urbanisation including Sant Daniel, Niàgara Park, Àgora Park, Sant Pere de Riu, Hortsavinyà, Mas Mora, Mas Reixach, Roca Rossa, Terra Brava and Tordera Park.

The economy used to be based on agriculture, especially cork production, but has diversified into textile manufacturing to such an extent that Totdera is now home to Spanish headquarters of Massimo Dutti and construction.

Set in breathtaking countryside on the banks of the River Tordera, the old town is very pleasant with its impressive Romanesque parish church of Sant Esteve and lively Sunday market, both of which are well worth a visit if you're on holiday on coast.


Getting to Tordera

By Road: Tordera is easily accessed on the N-11 main road and via turnoffs from C-32 and A-7 motorway.

By Rail: Tordera has a station on the RENFE Rodalies R1 Line, which goes from Barcelona to Maçanet-Massanes. 

Ajuntament de Tordera

If you understand some Catalan, you can find up to date news about Dosrius on the Ajuntament de Tordera Website.

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