Rural Land on the Edge of the City

Like much of Nou Barris, Vallbona was originally part of the municipality of Sant Andreu del Palomar and is located in the hills that mark the border between Barcelona and Montcada i Reixac.

The people that moved here in the post-war period generally built the houses themselves and the area has a very rural feel to it.

The building of the Girona and Manresa motorways in the 1960s left the neighbourhood virtually isolated from the rest of Barcelona.

At the end of the 1980s, the council demolished the dwellings that were in the worst state and built new homes along with facilities and services.

However, the most important recent development came in 2006 with the building of the Congost bridge over the motorways and railway lines.

With capacity for pedestrians and bicycles, the bridge finishes close to the railway station in Torre Baró and means the inhabitants are now connected with the rest of the city.


The southern part of Vallbona is taken up by 'La Ponderosa' and other farmlands, which are something of a surprise to see in a city like Barcelona.

Across these lands runs the Sèquia Comtal, which irrigates the fields and is the only remaining section of a man-made water course that dates from the 10th century.

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