Substandard Housing in the Heart of Nou Barris

Located in the centre of Nou Barris, the Verdun neighbourhood is a small triangle bordered by Les Roquetes, La Guineueta and La Prosperitat.

Cut through by Carrer d'Almansa, the outer perimeters are marked by Carrer de l'Artesania, Via Júlia and Via Favencia and the neighbourhood basically consists of two urbanisations.

The Habitatges del Gobernador were built between 1952 and 1956 and are poor quality flats measuring only 20 m2 while the Poligon de l'Obra Sindical del Hogar was built by the same organisation responsible for the extremely ugly Trinitat Nova.

Many of the blocks have been demolished and rebuilt by the Ajuntament in recent years and much has been done to improve the layout of the neighbourhood.


The redesign of Plaça de Joan Riera and Plaça de Francesc Layret including a car park under the latter as well as the conversion of streets such as Joaquim Valls or Casals i Cuberó into pedestrianian zones has created much needed space in the dense and ugly neighbourhood.

Neighbourhood life centres around the Plaça del Charlot and the Plaça del Verdum and the excellent shopping along Via Júlia means Verdun is less depressed than one would expect.

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