Vicenç Reig

FC Barcelona President for only 22 Days in 1908

Vicenç Reig i Viñals was born in Barcelona in 1866 and joined FC Barcelona as goalkeeper in 1900 already in his thirties.

Previously he had been a cyclist and played pelota vasca, a sport which prepared him well for the goalkeeper's job, which he occupied at FC Barcelona for three seasons.

Reig played a total of 40 matches for the club, participating in the first Copa del Rey or the Copa de la Coronación as it was called in 1902 as well as winning the Copa Macaya the same season and the Copa Barcelona the following season before retiring in 1903.

He was elected president of FC Barcelona at the members meeting of November 11th and although he initially made excuses saying he had too many other commitments, finally accepted the position.

Vicenç Reig accepted the presidency at the club's lowest point, when it only had 38 members and was on the point of disappearance.

Just 22 days later, on December 2nd, Reig called a meeting and presented his resignation.

In order to avoid the disappearance of FC Barcelona, Joan Gamper took over the presidency for the first time and Reig went on to form part of what was known as the "Comisión de teams", which, a bit like a modern day coach, was responsible for choosing the players for each game.


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