Vilapicina i La Torre Llobeta

Virrei Amat and Around

The Vilapicina i La Torre Llobeta neighbourhood in Nou Barris runs up the hill from La Meridiana on the city centre side of Passeig Fabra i Puig opposite Porta and Turó de la Peira.

The Vilapicina area at the top end of the neighbourhood is based around the old parish of Santa Eulàlia de Vilapicina, much of which is on the other side of Passeig Fabra i Puig and is now part of Turó de la Peira.

Incidentally, the name Vilapicina derives from the Latin pix and picis meaning glue and comes from the resin that oozed from the local pine trees and was used to seal boats.

Further down the hill, just off Passeig Maragall, you come to La Torre Llobeta centred on a 15th century masia of the same, which is still standing.

The surrounding area was developed as council housing between 1952 and 1955 and, while not being at all attractive, the location makes the area a pretty decent place to live.

La Torre Llobeta


However, for me at least, the centre of Vilapicina i La Torre Llobeta is Plaça Virrei Amat (shown at night below) and Carrer d'Escocia is the main street entirely within the limits of the neighbourhood.

Plaça Virrei Amat at night

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