Vilassar de Dalt

A Fine Town with a Castle in the Maresme Hills

Vilassar de Dalt is an inland municipality of around 9,000 people in the comarca of El Maresme. Located on the slopes of Serralada de la Marina, the name literally means Vilassar on High to distinguish it from Vilassar de Mar, which is Vilassar on Sea.

Located between Cabrils, Orrius, Premià de Dalt and Vilassar de Mar, Vilassar de Dalt is about 10 kilometres south of Mataró, the capital of the comarca, and 20 kilometres north of Barcelona.

Vilassar de Dalt is probably best known for its castle, which is in the centre of town and was first documented in 1262, although the cylindrical tower probably dates from the 10th century.

There are also a number of prehistoric sites in the municipality, such as the dolmen of la roca d'en Toni, the sepulchral chambers in la cova (cave) d'en Pau and the large granite rock formations at el cau de la Granota and la cova d'en Joan. 

Back in town there's a snail museum, Museu cau del Cargol, and a general museum, Museu Municipal Masía Can Banús, as well as a number of interesting buildings, such as Cal Noi Baiau, Cal Notari, Fábrica Téxtil de Can Mañé, Can Sabater, el Centre Vilassarenc or Teatre LA MASSA.


Getting to Vilassar de Dalt

By Road: You can reach Vilassar de Dalt via the BV-5023 turnoff on the Barcelona-Mataró section of the C-32 motorway.

By Rail: The nearest train station is at Premià de Mar and is on the RENFE Rodalies R1 Line, which goes from Barcelona to Maçanet-Massanes. 

Ajuntament de Vilassar de Dalt

If you understand some Catalan, you can find up to date news about Dosrius on the Ajuntament de Vilassar de Dalt Website.

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