Vilassar de Mar

A Historic Beach Resort close to Barcelona

Vilassar de Mar is a coastal municipality of around 20,000 people in the comarca of El Maresme between Premià de Mar and Cabrera de Mar. It is both a tourist centre and a dormitory town for nearby Barcelona.

Vilassar de Mar dates back to the 14th century as a collection of fishermen's shacks and by the 18th century it was a parish with the church of Sant Joan de Vilassar, from which the town took its name.

A century later, Sant Joan de Vilassar had an important port and shipbuilding and many of its inhabitants left to make their fortunes in the Americas, particularly Cuba, often returning decades later bringing wealth to the town and building fine houses.

Today, the old part of Vilassar de Mar still has many impressive buildings dating from this period, making the town one of the most pleasant on this section of the Costa del Maresme.

In the Platja de Ponent, the Platja de l'Astillero and the Platja de l'Almadrava, Vilassar de Mar has three long sandy beaches, which make it an attractive choice for visitors from nearby Barcelona as well as international holidaymakers.


Getting to Vilassar de Mar

By Road: The main N-II road run through the Vilassar de Mar, while a local road connects the municipality with the C-32 motorway at Vilassar de Dalt and Mataró and Barcelona.

By Rail: Vilassar de Mar is on the RENFE Rodalies R1 Line, which goes from Barcelona to Maçanet-Massanes.

Ajuntament de Vilassar de Mar

If you understand some Catalan, you can find up to date news about Dosrius on the Ajuntament de Vilassar de Mar Website.

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