by Victor

Really funny. 'Strong resemblance to not wanting to be a part or an 'empire?'... 'citizens not treated equally' the richest region in Spain? you call 'unwarranted and brutal intrusions' the upholding of the law in a modern legal democracy? You compare the 18th century British colonial empire ruled by a king.. with a modern european democracy recognized by the world. You must be the most biased 'historian' I ever read.

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Nov 14, 2015
Exactly: what?
by: Anonymous

Less and less modern by the day, calling Spain a democracy is stretching the imagination; granted, geographically speaking, it IS Europe.

Nov 14, 2015
Spain's arrogance belongs to another age
by: Michael Strubell

It's the attitude that's the same. In what modern advance society (it needn't even be a democracy!) when several million people complain time and again, and peacefully, in the streets or at the ballot box would the prime minister meet every single political leader except those that represent the grieved? In what modern society would the government not make a single step to heed and address these people, and try and appease them, woo them? Instead, it arrogantly threatens Catalan leaders, elected democratically with a popular and clear parliamentary mandate, instead of sitting down to negotiate.
It's the attitudes that haven't changed.

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