Why I'd vote for Donald Trump rather than Hillary Clinton

(if I were American!)

Simon Harris 10/8/2016

My Facebook post said "I'm pretty clear now that Donald Trump, despite the uncertainty and dickhead factors, is a far better option than Hillary Clinton." Here I explain why.

I'm here in Barcelona so I quite possibly miss out on some of the US election subtleties, because I don't get to see much American TV.  However, even though I don't much like him, I've always thought that Donald Trump would certainly win the Republican nomination and could quite possibly become the next American president.

I wanted him to win the Republican nomination because, by the time I got interested, the other two main contenders were Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, who both belong on the religious right.

I'd vote for Donald Trump now because his opponent is Hillary Clinton, who has a track record of corruption dating back to her time as First Lady in the 1990s and probably beyond.

Although I thought his programme was a bit naive, I'm certain Bernie Sanders is honest so I'd have happily supported him but, given the choice between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, I'd go for Trump every time.


Not Enthusiastic

I go along with everyone else and have to admit that Donald Trump is pretty irritating. His challenging hairstyle, false tan and brash way of talking are an immediate turn-off.

It's also very difficult to have much confidence in him as a politician. He frequently contradicts himself and shoots his mouth off too easily. His rant about the Mexican judge and his criticisms of Khizr Khan's wife after the Democratic Convention are two examples that immediately come to mind.

In fact, what has motivated me to write this post was the reaction I got to a Facebook post, which said "I'm pretty clear now that Donald Trump, despite the uncertainty and dickhead factors, is a far better option than Hillary Clinton." So it's a bit like the Brexit situation, I'm hardly enthusiastic but if forced to choose, I'd have to go for Trump.

I know some people put forward a "Better the Devil you know" argument regarding Hillary. Speaking personally, I see Trump as "The lesser of two evils".

Also like Brexit, there is virtually no dissent amongst the mainstream media in the US, the UK and here in Catalonia in its opposition to him. Furthermore, the media, and most of my friends on Facebook, are using cheap slurs like racist, xenophobe and Nazi, which always make me suspicious of a whitewash campaign (pardon the pun).

Hillary Clinton's Scandals

Hillary Clinton has long had a reputation for unscrupulousness and, during her time as First Lady under the Bill Clinton administration in the 1990s, was involved in numerous scandals.

The Whitewater controversy, which began with an investigation into the real estate investments of Bill and Hillary Clinton and their associates, Jim and Susan McDougal, in the Whitewater Development Corporation, a failed business venture in the 1970s and 1980s, broke at this time as did Travelgate in which she engineered the firing of several White House employees and made false criminal accusations against them in order to hire a firm with ties to the Clintons.

She was accused of nepotism once again when implementing her husband’s health programme and also received illegal contributions from various foreign businessmen, including Indonesian John Huang, Chinese arms dealer Charlie Trie and another Chinaman Johnny Chung. She was subpoenaed for producing false billing records for her law firm, sold seats on Commerce Department trade missions and the Clintons received at least $5.4 million by renting out the Lincoln Bedroom to over 800 guests during their time in the White House.

Bill Clinton himself was impeached over the Monica Lewinsky affair but had a long history of philandering with scholarship workers and campaign supporters, many of whom have accused Hillary of using private and public agents to put pressure on them to keep quiet. It's a generally held opinion that she was fully aware of her husband's sexual misconduct, including rape, and was prepared to put up with it in order to stay in power. People who are excited about Hillary Clinton becoming the first female US President should ask themselves what kind of person she really is.

The recent email scandal in which she handled sensitive intelligence through her home-based server is just the latest in a long list. You can read this Brief guide to Clinton scandals from Travelgate to Emailgate published in the Washington Examiner for more detailed information.

Suspicious Finances

Although from what I can ascertain Hillary Clinton's campaign finances seem to be in order, the Clintons have developed a very clever way of enriching themselves based around their speaking engagements and their supposed charity, The Clinton Foundation.

Apparently, the way it works with corporations in the US is that one of the Clintons does a speaking engagement for which they earn an exorbitant fee, which acts as a down payment. The corporation in question then makes a large donation to the foundation and the relationship with Clintons is cemented.

An example of this is the $675,000 Hillary Clinton received from Goldman Sachs for three speaking engagements in 2013. The firm also paid Bill Clinton $1,550,000 in personal speaking fees, and donated between $250,000 and $500,000 to the Clinton Foundation. Goldman Sachs also invested a figure, which the Clintons refuse to disclose in Eaglevale Partners, which was founded by daughter Chelsea Clinton’s husband, Marc Mezvinsky.

Further accusations that the foundation is being run for private gain in interstate commerce have been made by Charles Ortel, who has evidence which shows the fraud and illegality of the Clinton Foundation operations. He suggests that the Clintons have benefitted personally to the tune of around $300 million and have also received money from foreign governments in return for influence. For more information, you can listen to The Clinton Foundation Exposed, where he explains his accusations to Stefan Molyneux.

This is worrying when the money comes from democratic countries such as the UK or Germany but alarm bells sound when The Clinton Foundation's Donor List shows that Saudi Arabia has contributed to the tune of between $10 and $25 million. The foundation has also taken between $1 million and $5 million each from United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Oman.

The Issue of Islam

I don't know about you but I wouldn't be too happy if a person I know is on the payroll of such draconian regimes becomes US president. Saudi Arabia, in particular, is responsible for funding radical mosques worldwide so it's not unreasonable to assume that it would have the freedom to continue propagandising under Clinton.

Obama has already given a great deal of leeway to organisations such as CAIR and ISNA, which have strong links to the Muslim Brotherhood. Former Palestinian terrorist Walid Shoebat claims in his blog that Khizr Khan, who spoke at the Democratic National Congress and is an immigration lawyer who brings Muslims into the US and secures papers for them, is a Muslim Brotherhood agent. Seddique Mateen, the father of Orlando Shooter Omar Mateen, who hosted a pro-Taliban podcast and even had plans to become president of Afghanistan, was seen seated behind and had allegedly been invited by Hillary Clinton to her Florida rally.

This raises serious questions about the motives behind Hillary Clinton's policies on the refugee crisis. In September 2015, she said "Look, we’re facing the worst refugee crisis since the end of World War II, and I think the United States has to do more, and I would like to see us move from what is a good start with 10,000 to 65,000 and begin immediately to put into place the mechanisms for vetting the people that we would take in".

Donald Trump, on the other hand, has been heavily criticised for proposing a moratorium on immigration from Muslim, including refugees, until an effective way vetting new arrivals is in place. He has not suggested a permanent ban or ejecting law-abiding Muslims from the country. Given that refugees have been amongst the perpetrators of recent terrorist attacks in France, Belgium and Germany and ISIS have warned that they will conceal combatants amongst the refugees, this is simply a sensible precaution and cannot be considered racist at all.

Is Trump a Racist?

The other issue that has caused a lot of controversy concerns the illegal Mexican immigrants and the building of the wall. The latter sounds like typical Trump bravado to me and such statements form the basis of my misgivings about him. However, I don't really see any problem with the idea that immigrants should go through the due procedures required to become legal.

One of the problems with illegal immigration is that it does tend to drive wages down in the most poorly-paid jobs because their status means they have no choice but to accept inhuman conditions. This in turn adversely affects poor whites and blacks as well as legal immigrants, who find themselves priced out of a job or have to accept lower wages themselves, so it's a measure that ought to be welcomed by these communities.

This is immigration policy not racism, which revolves around how people who are already in the country are treated not who is allowed to come in. The US has curbed immigration many times in its history, when new arrivals were mainly white and came from Europe. Back in the 1980s, I was unable to study in the US because I didn't have enough independent income. I certainly wasn't treated in this way because of my race.

The articles that accuse Trump of racism, in liberal media such as the Huffington Post, are typically spurious and refer to things that his forefathers and employees have done rather than making specific accusations against Trump himself. Incidentally, few people know that it was Democrats who founded the Ku Klux Klan and passed all the Jim Crow segregation laws so Hillary Clinton's political ancestors are hardly squeaky clean either.

Although probably due to the media campaign most blacks in the US support Hillary, a Trump has a surprisingly large number of Afro-American and Latino supporters. I suggest you do a quick YouTube search for "Black Trump Supporter" in order to understand why. The fact that he does draw allbeit minority support from black and immigrant communities make me think that "Racism" isn't really the issue here.

The Lesser of Two Evils

I think I've made it clear that I'm certainly not a Trump fan but I object to way he has been demonised. He's not the solution to all our ills but Hillary Clinton is sure to make them worse.

That's why all in all, if I were American I'd vote Donald Trump.

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