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If you're wondering about, it's a one-man show run by yours truly, Simon Harris, which actually began life as Barcelona Travel Guide.

I'm a Barcelonan since 1988, total FC Barcelona fan and author of Going Native in Catalonia (2008) and Catalonia Is Not Spain: A Historical Perspective (2014) with more books in the pipeline.

Having lived here in Barcelona for more than 25 years, I think I can let you in on insider travel advice better than a large commercial website simply because what I write is based on my own experiences.

I spent the first 5 years living in Barcelona City Centre in the heart of the Barri Gòtic ... plenty of opportunities to explore the Ramblas and the bars, restaurants and clubs of the Ciutat Vella - Barcelona's Old Town.

I arrived in Barcelona as a young jazz musician, so by night I worked in some of the city's best nightclubs and concert halls and by day, often busked around Barcelona Cathedral or outside the Picasso Museum.


Creating A Life In Barcelona

Apart from writing about Barcelona travel, one of the directions I'd like to take with the website is to provide relocation for people planning to move to Barcelona.

Obviously part of really understanding a place is going through life's ups and downs.

I've lived out in the suburbs, married and separated, had children and brought up a family, been an English teacher and translator at University level and learnt both Spanish and Catalan to near native level. I've also been through serious illness and bounced back!

I'm pretty confident that I can give you very good advice on legal and medical issues, children's schooling, finding a job, the importance of learning the language and all apects of living in Barcelona.

So the aim of the site is not just to write about Barcelona for tourists, but to give a more detailed idea of how to get the best out of this magnificent city.

I'm back living in the Eixample surrounded by beautiful Modernist buildings, and enjoying the incredible success of my beloved FC Barcelona.

Apart from the basic Barcelona travel information, I'm bound to write about the things I love and enjoy.

More Information

If you want to find out more about me, you might be interested in reading An Adopted Catalan, Chapter 1 of my 2014 book Catalonia Is Not Spain: A Historical Perspective, which explains how I came to my political conclusions on Catalonia.

On a lighter note, this Interview with Marcela Topor for PuntAvui TV, gives an idea of my views on integrating into Catalan society amongst other things.

You also might be interested in my YouTube Channel where I comment on Catalan and World News.

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