Barcelona Theatres

A Complete List of Major Venues

There is a very lively dramatic arts scene in the Catalan capital, both amateur and professional, which means that there is a large number of Barcelona theatres offering spectacles for all types of public.

Obviously almost all the plays are in either in Catalan or Spanish but if you've got a basic knowledge of either language and enjoy your theatre, the experience should definitely be worth it.

I've included links to the websites of each of the Barcelona theatres listed and whenever tickets are available, I have linked to Barcelona ticket providers Atrapalo.

Unfortunately, the Atrapalo service is only in Spanish but once again if you have some basic knowledge or use Google translate, the process of buying tickets is pretty straightforward.


Alphabetical List of Barcelona Theatres

Amateur Theatres in Barcelona

  • Teatre del Centre de Sant Pere Apòstol
    Carrer de Sant Pere més Alt 25
    08003 Barcelona

  • Teatre del Centre Moral i Instructiu de Gràcia
    Calle Ros de Olano, 9
    08012 Barcelona

  • Teatre del Cercle Catòlic de Gràcia
    Carrer de Santa Magdalena, 12
    08012 Barcelona

  • Sants Teatre
    Centre Catòlic de Sants  
    C/Antoni de Capmany, 72-76 (cantonada Jocs Florals) 
    08014  Barcelona


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